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Painting in the Arts & Craft Classes in Daytona Beach

Crafting Classes

Come learn a new craft at one of our popular Crafting Classes. All of our teachers are local artists and will teach you the best techniques so you get professional results every time. You even get to take home your masterpiece at the end of each class! Beginners are always welcome!

Private Painting party at Gather2Grow!

Private Events & Parties

The Crafting Parties are always a fun experience at Gather2Grow! Our Crafting Parties are great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and even Bridal Parties. Each participant will leave the class with their own handcrafted piece of art and a memory of an exciting evening that will last a lifetime.

Local painting from Gather2Grow

Local Artist Showcase

Come feel the creativity at Gather2Grow and find an elegant piece of décor for your home or the perfect handmade gift for that special someone. We are all local artists, and all of the beautiful gifts available in our shop are made by local and regional artisans. Shipping is also available for our out-of-town visitors.

Art and Crafting supplies at Gather2Grow in Port Orange, Florida

Crafting Supplies & Tools

Looking for that particular tool that you just can’t find? Maybe you don’t even know the tool’s name, but you know what it does. Feel free to drop into Gather2Grow and peruse our selection of art supplies or ask one of our in-house artists about what you need!


About Terri

I have done crafts with my Mama since I was a little girl. We tried almost crafting project imaginable over the years, and Mama taught me so  many different crafting forms, techniques, and shortcuts along the way. We also loved going to and being a part of craft shows, offering our hand-crafted knickknacks, wall art, and jewelry.

During these shows, we realized that crafting with people just made learning everything more fun. Everyone has a little bit of a different way of doing things, so the more people you craft with, the more things you learn! That’s the idea behind Gather2Grow!

I hope that I can bring a little bit of happiness and joy into your everyday life and maybe teach you a thing or two so that you can have an “ I Made That” feeling. Nothing is more satisfying than wearing something you’ve made or the feeling of joy you get when giving someone a heartfelt gift you made by hand.

Come Grow With Us

Gather2Grow by Terri is for people that are looking to expand their creativity, explore new interests, and learn new crafting techniques. It is also meant to be a welcoming gathering place for friends, both old and new. We think everyone has a creative and expressive side and sometimes it just takes learning a new craft or special technique to really make it blossom. Our Crafting Classes can help you find the artist you always knew you were!